Thursday, 7 January 2016


After finishing the year still in a Frozen frenzy, we thought we would take a look at the hot themes and trends for the year ahead.  After canvasing the whole team we drew up our top ten list below.

1) Balloons and flowers – suggested by Lucy Carr (Senior Stylist)
With the much copied “House that Lars Built” free flowing balloon arch with flowers, this is trend that we feel will continue to grow in 2016.  Integrating balloons with flowers to stunning effect creates magical decoration for any party; it almost looks like a work of art.  Take a look at their website for a tutorial on how to create your own balloon arch and also for some other inspirational design ideas -

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Favourite Themes - Little Red Riding Hood

I must share a confession.  Certain themes really appeal to me over others and they make my job an absolute pleasure.  Often these themes are the less commercial ones, they allow a party planner and stylist to create something unique and bespoke, without having to deal with licensed merchandise.

I wanted to feature some ideas on one of my favourite themes, a theme so far we have not been asked for but I wait in hope ...... Little Red Riding Hood.

The red cape, the apples, the forest setting all make me smile.  I've shared below some inspirational ideas from some talented stylists and suppliers out there.

Very cute invitations all available on etsy

Saturday, 14 February 2015

My Little One Turns 6

I'm a party planner, I plan and organise parties for children, almost 7 days a week at the moment.  Last year my little one had a big Lego themed party and I pulled out all the stops.  This year he started early asking about his party and mummy has been so busy that I failed to do anything about it.  

We love having our parties at home but in February our lovely garden was just not an option.  So on route to school last week I had a quick brain wave.  Let Jake take a small group of friends to the cinema, followed by a trip across the road to Pizza Express.

Whilst walking to school I managed to get the 12 names of friends he wanted to ask, all the mummies were texted and replies came quickly.  I got home and checked what films were on and Big Hero 6 looked like a winner.  

So with two rows of cinema seats booked, and an area in the restaurant, my party planning skills and contacts came to the fore.

Now what do we need ? Invitations - How cool are these from Etsy.

Monday, 11 August 2014

My perfect party: Festival fun!

Every month, we ask one of our readers to tell us about their perfect party. This month, mum of two Abbie, from Amersham tells us how she would host her dream party...

Who are you hosting your party for? My little boy Buddy's birthday is in August so it's always the perfect excuse to have a party outside, ideal when there are loads of kids!

Where would your party take place? My dream would be to hire a big cottage in the country somewhere with a massive garden and hold a mini festival, we'd call it Glastonbuddy!

Where would your guests stay?  Our friends and family could pitch up tents and stay the weekend and for anyone who doesn't love tents (like me!) would be able to stay in the lovely cottage.

What food would you serve? There would be BBQs on the go all day with mini hot dogs and burgers for the kids and posh burgers for the adults. The next morning, we'd serve bacon butties for everyone.

How would your party look? There'd be tipis, bunting and fairy lights all over the garden with a mini stage for the entertainment.

What music would you have? My little boy is obsessed with Jake Bugg and always dances when Jake's songs come on, so the dream would be for him to play a few songs, maybe even get him to throw in a few covers of Buddy's favourite disney songs.

What other special features would you have? The kids would love a silent disco (and so would the adults!), not to mention a Frozen sing-a-long. And in true festival style there'd have to be a mini fairground, an ice cream van and warm beer in paper cups for the mums and dads!

What would be in your party bags? 
All guests would leave with a 'Glastonbuddy' T-Shirt, festival wrist band and a CD with the party playlist on. 

Abbie and Buddy want a summer festival party!

Fancy throwing your kids a festival-themed party? Contact us here.