Thursday, 13 May 2010

Mad Week

Don't feel like my feet have touched the ground this week. Our phones have been so busy my colleague made me laugh saying that customers were not even giving her enough time to go to the toilet before ringing again.

Hate to get excited before time but it feels like me have really made a break through and getting some great customers both private and corporate.

This week I am organising the most important event of my career, my mum's memorial service. I won't go on about it as I don't want this blog to be sad, however my mum meant the world to me and as a tribute I want to make sure everything is as special as it can be.

Had so many messages of support, cards, emails, calls etc which are all much appreciated. However, it was one of my face painters who summed it up best, "So sorry to hear your crap news", and she is right, it is unfair and crap, there I've said it. I don't feel I will ever be the same person again.

Back to party news, we have a booking for a FA Cup party tomorrow evening. We organise the families children's parties and they have come to us for their grown-up event. What was a small gathering has turned into a marquee, music, catering, bar etc really good business and they are such a lovely family.

Next week we have two big parties - Nursery Rhyme and Alice in Wonderland, both lovely themes.

I have some exciting meetings too, one with a potential person to run the shop, another with a techy guy in relation to the website and a buying trip, will need a holiday by the end of the week.

Put in a fab around the world proposal for the shopping centre, hope we win as it has gone to competitive tender, tried to be as creative as possible.

Right signing off for the evening as still have some emails to answer.


Katie x


simply said...

Oh Katie this is one blog I am going to follow. I wish I was still in England to share your sorrows and your highs. I remember the time you shared your lows.
I am so so pleased for you. It has been a long long road but you are becoming a hell of big corporation.
Good luck and please keep in touch. I still and will carry on admiring you.

Home Office Mum said...

Katie, really sorry about your mum. I'd seen things on Facebook but hadn't quite realised.

But business sounds as though it's booming. Good luck with the tender.