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Narnia Inspired Party

Today I am thrilled to welcome Joanne of Act One Parties to share her ideas for planning a Narnia party.  Joanne is an expert at lifting the story from the page and turning it into an amazing party. By using the elements of stories Joanne creates adventures worthy of beautiful princesses and gallant knights or takes party guests on magical adventures as they join Wizard and Witch school just like Harry Potter when he started at Hogwarts. 

For todays post Joanne has chosen her favourite book to take us on an adventure, but first we must step into the wardrobe....

My absolute favourite book ever is The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.  I loved it as a child and I have been fortunate enough to be able to revisit it for inspiration as an adult, running drama sessions and parties based around the story.

'I'd Rather Be In Narnia' Print from Stephanie Craig Design

Narnia is great for both a boy or a girl's birthday party and can even work well as a Christmas party with Father Christmas playing a big part in the story.  It can also work well for a variety of age groups. To set the mood turn the entrance door to your party into a wardrobe by placing a dress rail behind the door with lots of clothes hung on it for the children to push through to gain entry.  To decorate the party room cut out large fir tree shapes from green paper and you could even make a  lamp post out of cardboard tubes and a lantern.  You could also take inspiration from the winter wonderland aspect of the story and decorate with artificial snow and use white and pearlescent fabric to drape the tea table.  There are also some lovely Narnia printables and posters available on Etsy which would help set the scene and could be used as inspiration for invites, cake toppers etc.

Narnia Digital Clip Art from Springhill Graphics

Fancy dress could be encouraged and you could have a “Wardrobe” area with some medieval style dressing up bits.  And who could resist this outfit for a little Lucy?

Queen Lucy Dress from Lady Herndon

To keep the children entertained some simple craft activities like designing their own crown or shield would be a good welcoming activity. Baker Ross do a great range of medieval inspired crafts.

Design Your Own Card Shield from Baker Ross

Coloured Crowns from Baker Ross

Or how about these great snowstorms to make it forever Winter.

Design A Snowstorm from Baker Ross

Or for an even better value option how about these free printable Lion masks from AnimalJr so everyone can find their inner Aslan.

Printable Lion Mask from Animal Jr

There are also many traditional party games that can be adapted to the Narnia theme.  As the White Witch uses wolves to capture humans, What's The Time Mr Wolf? is an obvious choice.  You can also adapt the classic Stuck in the Mud tag game to a Narnia theme.  The taggers would be The White Witch and Wolves and when you are tagged you become a statue as in the story.  To be released other players pretend to be Aslan and breathe on you to unfreeze you. Children love pretending to be strange things so get them into groups and ask them to create their own wardrobe out of their bodies.  They can then all step through and pretend to be in Narnia for the first time, feeling the cold and the strangeness of a new land.  The story itself appeals to a wide range of senses, so some sensory games would work well too.  Maybe a touch game where either each child takes it in turn to wear a blindfold and guess what an object is by feeling it or just putting objects in bags to feel through – things like a fir cone, pineapple and coconut work well.

Target games would also be good to use the childrens special powers.  You could have a Susan archery game with children's archery sets or even throwing bean bags at targets to test their accuracy for their battle with Aslan and the White Witch.

For the party tea hot chocolate or chocolate milk could be served along with turkish delight (although in my experience that is quite an acquired taste!)  But how about a traditional English Tea that would have been popular in the time the book is set, so things like finger sandwiches, mini cakes and scones.

The possibilities are rich and endless for a Narnia themed party so have fun planning yours.

Thank you Joanne, these really are some fantastic ideas to create a Narnia party. My favourite has to be having a clothes rail at the door so guests can step into Narnia.  So if you are lucky enough to live in Surrey, Hampshire or Berkshire I suggest you pop over to Joanne's website to learn more about Act One Parties and indulge your children and their guests with some fictional fun.

Also be sure to share your own Narnia parties here on the blog, just send an email with images and a few details and I will be intouch for more information if your party is to be featured.

Have fun!

Todays guest blog writer - Joanne McGown of Act One Parties

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