Monday, 31 October 2011

Real Party - Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Good Morning and Happy Halloween! The Les Enfants team have worked their socks off this weekend creating spooky parties that I hope haven't caused too many nightmares.  Did you have a halloween party this weekend or are you saving it for tonight?  Be sure to share your pictures with us here over on our Facebook page.

I am sooooooo excited about todays real party!  Karen of Creative Cotton Bags, contacted me a couple of weeks ago to let me know about the party she was planning for her daughters 16th birthday and I immediately said yes to featuring the party here, just from the preview photos.  I loved the fact that this party was for a teenager as so many parties featured on blogs are for little children, but even big kids love a themed party!  So I shall now hand over to Karen to share how she created her very own Mad Hatter's Teaparty.

I had been anticipating my daughters 16th birthday for a while and dreading the "party". Would she push boundaries? Would she want something "grown up"? I was both pleasantly surprised and somewhat relieved when she told me she'd like her last ever "childrens" party. I came up with the idea of a Mad Hatters Tea Party. I felt it had a lot of scope for twenty 15 and 16 year old girls!

In terms of the party itself she said she wanted a sit down tea party for 20 and then to just be left to dance!

Invites went out in the form of playing cards and the buzz started! Lucy and her friends decided that they would all come as different characters from Alice in Wonderland so as not to double up on the night. Lucy, as the birthday girl, opted for the Mad Hatter.

When it came to theming the party I was torn between the wonderful works of Tenniel and a pretty quintessentially English feel. Unable to choose, I decide to mix the two!


I bought Cath Kidston style paper plates and cups and trawled charity shops for mismatched tea cups and saucers. The lady in our local charity shop got carried away with it all too and it was with total delight, on one visit, that she produced a giant teacup and saucer, miraculously in the right colour scheme!

I set about printing card bunting, tissue pom poms and bottle labels to go on the small glass bottles my local publican recycled for me. This was becoming a community project! Another friend came forward and offered me 5 beautiful old tressle tables. It soon all started to come together.

Many of the "props" I borrowed from my husbands shop and we are lucky enough to have the timbered framed outbuilding opposite our house in which to hold the party.

I was dreading making the Mad Hatters costume but again found just about everything I needed in local charity shops and craft shops. I found the internet an invaluable tool for studying costumes and watching a tutorial on how to make cake pops.  I even tiptoed into the world of sugarpaste cake decorating! I drew the line at making the birthday cake but a dear friend provided me a 3 tier white cake and I then decorated it with an abundance of penny sweets.


I was delighted with the end result. Considering most of what had been done had been achieved with a printer, some bakers twine, a tag maker, some sticky labels and tissue paper it looked amazing! I am not a cake maker but I had a go and was delighted with the results.
Lucy and her friends bowled me over with their costumes and had a truly wonderful evening. They sat round the enormous table, filled to the rafters with party food, for a good 2 hours and then spent the remainder of the evening dancing and laughing.

I am living proof that with a little bit of know how, a lot of imagination and some internet tutorials, wonders can be achieved. The outbuilding looked so lovely we had a sit down family meal for 16 in there the following night.

Wow! It looks like your daughter and her friends had a wondeful time.  I reguarly say on this blog 'with a bit of imagination you can create an amazing party' and I think you will all agree that Karen is most definately proof of this.  Thank you Karen for sharing this party with us.

Do you have a party you would like to share on this blog? Please get in touch, we really do love seeing all your amazing parties here at Les Enfants.

See you soon,

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Anonymous said...

This looks fantastic! You have an amazing talent to organise all this, and make everyone smile. They look like they were having a fabulous time.

CJ xx