Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Party Inspirations - Art Party

Hello, I hope you are all having a good week.  After all of these grey clouds I thought I would bring you some colour.  So today I have some Art Party inspiration to share with you.  Just think of the fun you could have with little paint palette cookies or cupcakes decorated in an assortment of colours, displayed on a palette shaped board.  Perhaps you could serve an array of coloured dips with breadsticks and carrots or celery as the 'paintbrushes'.  Ensure you guests arrive in painting clothes then have a giant canvas in the back garden for them to paint a big mural of all of their different paintings.  Alternatively have smaller canvases indoors for your budding artists to paint.  For older children you could have an artists style for the guests to try, they could paint self portraits Picasso style or recreate Mondrian masterpieces or even have a try at pointilism which could also inspire a painting similar to Aboriginal art.  So paintbrushes at the ready, let's gather some colourful inspiration!

Arty Party Invitation from Lemonade Design Studio

Art Party Invitation from Fresh Chick Design Studio

Paint Palette Cookies from Cutest Little Things

The Art Party from Mary Had A Little Party

Art Party Treats from Catch My Party

Art Party Printables from Paper and Cake

Let you budding Van Gogh's have fun painting, but please remember aprons or old clothes, I'd hate for pretty party dresses to be spoilt.

Have you hosted an art themed party? I would love to feature it here on the blog.

Have fun,


Coombe Mill said...

Zoe, your art parties look amazing. For my younger children I always like to include some crafty ideas at a party. This year we did decorating cookies and painting glasses. They are not a patch on your wonderful works but the children, mainly the girls did enjoy doing it. Have a peep here

Zoe Grant said...

THanks Fiona, your chidlrens party looks like loads of fun! Although I do not envy you the task of organising a party for triplets.