Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Pom Poms, Streamers (and everything in between!)

Good morning everyone! Here in the office, when it comes to decorating our parties, we are always on the look out for new and exciting ideas. The post today will focus on a few of my personal favourite decorations to hang up, as well as a couple of links to online tutorials to help you make your own. 

Pom Poms

Pom poms are a very popular choice when it comes to styling our parties. With so many different varieties  of colours, materials and styles, these can look very effective regardless of theming, age or gender. The trick is to be patient with them, and take the time to 'fluff' them out properly for their full effect.

Tulle (or netting) pom poms are probably my favourite, because of their delicate appearance. These decorations would be perfect for a garden party or little girls 'princess' or 'ballerina' themed party.

Tissue pom poms are the most commonly used and are incredibly easy to make. For detailed instructions please click here.

I have yet to use wool pom poms to decorate a party (these are usually slightly smaller so for a party would be best in a garland), however I have just finished making some for my home and thought it would be a shame not to include them!


Bunting is another great way to add something extra to your party with very little cost involved. Bunting can easily be transformed into a banner for a personalised backdrop, or simply hung to give your party a pretty, vintage feel.

Whether you are after a country style garden party..

..a shabby-chic birthday or a simple backdrop.
Japanese washi tape is also great to use to create mini bunting.


When thinking about ceiling decorations, balloons will not be the first thing that pops (ha!) into your mind- however if you are looking for a cheaper option to a hanging lantern, or just something different, this could be it.

 Simply place a marble inside a balloon and attach some ribbon or string and you have yourself a very pretty decoration! With so many different options of balloons available, it would be a shame not to experiment.
Lace Lanterns

I recently bought myself a whole load of vintage lace doilies with the idea to make this next suggestion for my living room, however- if you have a little time on your hands it could also be used as a very pretty party prop. 

 Once assembled, simply place a battery light candle inside from a lovely warm atmosphere at your next party. (Full instructions here)

Although sceptical at first (I thought they were a little tacky...) with so many different possibilities, if done properly, streamers are an excellent and beautiful way of decorating your party. 

Whether your using as a backdrop,

creating a chandelier 

or hanging from the ceiling
streamers have the ability to be that 'wow' factor that your looking for.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, please continue to send me questions or suggestions for my next post,

speak soon!

Zahra xxx

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Entertainment (Barbie or Ben 10, we have it all...)

Once the theming, venue and styling of a party has been chosen, next is the entertainment.

Our children's entertainers are one of our most important aspects of our parties. We are lucky enough to work with some of the best entertainers in the business. From singers to dancers to balloon modelling and magicians, we work with them all to ensure all of the children are thoroughly entertained throughout the entire party and that everything runs smoothly. Whats more, we ensure our entertainers fit the theme of the party and dress accordingly. 

In this post I am going to be introducing one of our favourite entertainers, Sarah-Jane Barlow. Sarah-Jane has many different skills including dancing, acting and singing. She completed a 3 year acting/musical theatre course at one of the countries leading performing arts colleges, the 'Masters Performing Arts College'. She became a children's entertainer five years ago, and has since entertained at many, many of our different parties, along with various other projects.

Sarah-Jane is brilliant at ensuring every child is included in the party. She is fantastic at interacting with the children and is always dancing and singing and playing lots of different games with her many different props. She is a very talented balloon modeller which is great for everyone, especially the quieter or older children that are perhaps too shy to join in with the rest of the activities.

She has bundles of energy, a huge smile and a great passion for the job. I recently asked her what her favourite part of being a children's entertainer was...
"My favourite part of the job?.. when the children are just so damn cute! They are so innocent and they really believe I am the real Sleeping Beauty or Rapunzel or whichever character I happen to be on that day. The little ones I'd say between 3-6 years are my favourite ages to entertain. The look on their faces is just a picture and they believe that Tinkerbell has really come all the way from Neverland just to have a lovely party with them all. Also working with children and a live audience I never know what I'm going to get thrown at me (not literally.. well not yet anyway!) I have to be quick and think on my feet, which as a performer, its great to be tested as it keeps me on my toes! I also love their honesty of just saying exactly what's on their little pretty much know where you stand with children. They'll just come right out and say it! I have had such fun over the past five years and it has also been a huge learning curve for me!"

Here at Les Enfants we would thoroughly recommend booking an entertainer for you child's special day. Not only would it take the pressure of entertaining off you, but it really does mean that your child will have the best party possible. All of the entertainment mentioned can be tailored to your child's or your parties specific needs or wants. If you are considering booking an entertainer and would like to hear any more information about Sarah-Jane or any of our other entertainers please do not hesitate to contact me at

Thanks for listening and speak soon, 

Zahra xxx