Sunday, 10 November 2013

Team Work

Well at the moment I am day 14 (without a break), with another 5 days before my weekend. Yesterday I did a 16 hour day and today another 8 hours, yet here I sit still thinking about this business.  Why?  Passion and drive and commitment to deliver something amazing, a love of what I do and a love for the people I work for and with, in short I care.

However, what has driven me to write this is not me, it is my team, the people I have around me who worked so hard this weekend to deliver five amazing events to such a high standard, without all of them it would not have happened and this journey would be lonely and no fun.

I can't tell you how much these people mean to me and how they have become my friends, my amazing sister whose work never ceases to amaze me, Helen who works non-stop, but also balances me (felt like I've known her all my life), Nikki who never lets me down and backed us all up brilliantly this weekend, Zahra who is a joy to be around, Christina for her Scooby, our new team members Michelle, Kellie, Candice, Izabel, our drivers Mike (aka business coach), Mustafa and Peter, Max and Sam who help out all the time, our brilliant new design team members, Charlotte who has helped Lucy so much and is spot on with her work, Syrie the tassel Queen, Yvonne who still helped even at a very difficult time, our brilliant party ambassadors are wonderful - Dipi, Theresa (who worked non-stop) and Savita plus Lucy Baxter who I think is brill, Karen and Nicole whose artwork blew me away, Zoe and her amazing cakes, Lee-Anne who saved our bacon, Clare and her pops, Mark who works wonders with our foamex, Ros and the mermaid sign and all our other suppliers and entertainers this weekend who all delivered. Abbie and her team, who deliver no matter what my balloon brief. Plus my gorgeous daughter Isabella who helped me today when I was flagging. And Addison Lee - great for emergencies. Feeling very blessed even if exhausted and what did we deliver this weekend ......

Pale Pink Minnie Mouse at The Mandarin Oriental 

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Party Clothes - Tulip & Nettle

That feeling of dressing for a party ... always accompanied by a slightly sinking heart and major attacks of stress and anxiety. For me, it started when I was about three and has never quite left. I love choosing what to wear for everyday life - I adore clothes but find dressing up really difficult.

It was always that way. One never felt quite right at the party and those given for small children at the time were never exactly relaxed; a formal tea table, peculiar food [margarine spread sliced bread with hundreds & thousands anyone?], some alien form of entertainment presided over by a resting actor, and competitive games involving never, ever, being the one to land on a chair as they were removed one by one. Exclusion! Alienation! Failure to sparkle! The other big factor: my generation didn't get much of a say in how they wanted to dress. Personally, I would have given ANYTHING for something frou frou & preferably pink. My mother, with exquisite taste, ignored me and favoured plain white silk dresses worn with black patent shoes. It probably looked really sweet but Oh, how I longed for frilly full skirts! Oh to be the FAIRY PRINCESS girl just once!