Monday, 11 August 2014

My perfect party: Festival fun!

Every month, we ask one of our readers to tell us about their perfect party. This month, mum of two Abbie, from Amersham tells us how she would host her dream party...

Who are you hosting your party for? My little boy Buddy's birthday is in August so it's always the perfect excuse to have a party outside, ideal when there are loads of kids!

Where would your party take place? My dream would be to hire a big cottage in the country somewhere with a massive garden and hold a mini festival, we'd call it Glastonbuddy!

Where would your guests stay?  Our friends and family could pitch up tents and stay the weekend and for anyone who doesn't love tents (like me!) would be able to stay in the lovely cottage.

What food would you serve? There would be BBQs on the go all day with mini hot dogs and burgers for the kids and posh burgers for the adults. The next morning, we'd serve bacon butties for everyone.

How would your party look? There'd be tipis, bunting and fairy lights all over the garden with a mini stage for the entertainment.

What music would you have? My little boy is obsessed with Jake Bugg and always dances when Jake's songs come on, so the dream would be for him to play a few songs, maybe even get him to throw in a few covers of Buddy's favourite disney songs.

What other special features would you have? The kids would love a silent disco (and so would the adults!), not to mention a Frozen sing-a-long. And in true festival style there'd have to be a mini fairground, an ice cream van and warm beer in paper cups for the mums and dads!

What would be in your party bags? 
All guests would leave with a 'Glastonbuddy' T-Shirt, festival wrist band and a CD with the party playlist on. 

Abbie and Buddy want a summer festival party!

Fancy throwing your kids a festival-themed party? Contact us here. 

Monday, 4 August 2014

Perfect props: Take your seats

For the most part of your child's party, your little guests are running around excitedly, testing out sweets from the sweetie table or perhaps making a bracelet at the bead bar. But once they're done with all that, they need to rest their weary legs, even if it's not for very long! You wouldn't think that a simple chair and the way it is styled could make such a difference to the look of your party, but read on to see some of the things you can do...

At Les Enfants, we often jazz up chairs with aspects from the party theme and set them at tiny tables for the smaller guests. For example, we decorated some simple white chairs with records that said the birthday girl and boy's names for a Grease themed party.

Grease is the word on these chairs
And even tying something like simple turquoise ribbons on the backs of white chairs creates a whole new, elegant look. Meanwhile, tying balloons in your colour scheme can brighten up a table of chairs and looks magical like it did at this rainbow themed party. 

Sitting pretty

But recently, we've got some new chairs in and they are so cute, we have to admit we're in love! They have an adorable, almost vintage feel and come in white and a pretty pastel pink. And if you like them as much as we do, you can now hire them from Little Party Hire!

The new colours mean you could alternate the chairs to give a  more colourful look for your party. Whether you do alternate pink and white chairs, or have some white tables and some pink tables, or even just hire all white chairs, but with a pastel pink for the birthday girl! It's such a simple thing, but really effective and can help pull your theme together.
Sitting comfortably

                      Fancy seating some guests in style? Contact us here to plan a party. 

Monday, 21 July 2014

Party like a prince!

It seems like only yesterday we were welcoming Prince George to the world and suddenly, his first birthday has crept up on us. A feeling a lot of parents will know all to well! 

To commemorate his first birthday on 22nd July 2014, the Royal Mint have released a £5 coin in Prince George's honour. But we've gone one step further, and we've mocked up a whole party on behalf of the prince.
Like the rest of the nation, we often covet Kate Middleton's style and when she was in New Zealand recently, we ogled over her clothes, and Prince George's too. Kate tends to go for a simple and elegant style and Prince George follows suit. So, when we started to imagine Prince George's first birthday, we knew it would be an elegant and stylish affair... 

The Les Enfants take on the royal celebration*

To create an elegant look, we chose a soft colour palette of pastel blues, whites and milky yellows. The theme came to life with large balloons - a very popular option right now - complete with tassels and pom poms, to help create that party atmosphere.

We know kids love a sweetie table and they are great because the colours can be tailored to any theme. We chose white and pastel blue jelly beans, small pastel cupcakes and our personal favourite pieces, royal cake pops! The pale blue cake pops gave a nod to the prince as they were emblazoned with crowns, as were the macaroons - another party favourite right now. 

We had great fun styling the playful royal party, and even had a gorgeous Prince George look-a-like come along to enjoy the party with some friends. We only hope Prince George's real birthday party is as much fun.

Happy Birthday Prince George! 

*Photography by Danielle Owen, visit:

Want to throw a party for your own little prince or princess? Contact us here. 

Friday, 18 July 2014

Fantastic themes: Red Fire Trucks

It's not just us who get excited by planning bespoke birthday parties. Over in the States, gorgeous parties are just as popular as they are here. We spoke to Samantha Spector, Event Planner and Designer from Milk and Honey party planning in the US, about how they recently themed a first birthday party. To say we're inspired is an understatement..

"Maybe it’s the whimsical themes and color schemes, the exciting milestone or the adorable guests of honor, but when it comes to planning first birthday parties, nothing really compares.

Christian’s first birthday was no exception. The party took place at one of San Francisco’s most gorgeous outdoor venues, Crissy Field. And in terms of the city’s unpredictable weather patterns, it turned out to be a lucky day!

The Golden Gate Bridge was a perfect backdrop, the reddish color of the bridge went perfectly with our red, light blue, light grey and white color scheme. The theme of the day was red trucks and we incorporated a chevron motif into the d├ęcor as well.

Iconic. Could you ask for a more suitable backdrop?
The dessert bar was the main focal point of the party, featuring a gorgeous chevron two-tier birthday cake with a big red truck on top. Sugar cookies in the form of red fire trucks and blue and grey number ones decorated the dessert bar and picnic tables, and finally, an assortment of red candy topped it off.

Treat yourself to a dessert

The light blue checkered linens were a perfect twist on the classic picnic design. We had red plates, light blue utensils and food labels that went with the theme. Cupcake toppers completed the cakes and even the focaccia sandwiches we served, too. 
We stuck with picnic friendly foods that were filling enough for a lunchtime party; sandwiches, salads, skewers and a large cheese and cracker spread. 

Decorations included custom made birthday banners, tissue pinwheels, oversized round balloons and white hydrangeas in tiny buckets.

Since the guests included many kids in a range of ages, we needed to have entertainment to suit everyone. Enzo, one of San Francisco’s favorite kids’ entertainers, came and played an array of instruments to accompany his songs. The kids played on grey chevron picnic blankets while he performed and played with an assortment of toys including a tent that looked like a red truck, a light blue inflatable pool filled with balls and plastic truck toys. The goodie bags (or favours as well call them) included “Red Truck” board books and white lamb rattles for the tiniest guests.

Judging from the exhausted kids at the end of the party (baby Christian climbed into another kid’s buggy to fall asleep), it was a success!

The gorgeous birthday boy 
How did we do it?
Planning & Design – Milk & Honey Special Events,
Photography – Katie Rain Photography,
Cake – Baked Love,
Red truck cake topper – AfterHoursCakery,
Linens – La Tavola, x
Rentals –SF Party Rentals,
Custom made banners, food labels and sandwhich toppers – LolosBoutique,
Red candy – Sweet City Candy,
Custom made sugar cookies – Decorated Desserts,
Flower arrangements – Milk & Honey Special Events,
Entertainment – Enzo Garcia,
Food – BiRite Catering,

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Party time: Personalised perfection

Initials look cute on party products
Whether you're celebrating a birthday, baby shower, bar mitzvah or a Christening, it's always nice to put your own stamp on things. And nowadays, there are lots of ways to personalise your party. Not only can you choose your own theme or colour scheme, to suit your taste, you can also add initials and even names to plenty of party products to give them a unique twist. 

We love these party packs made for a Christening with the guest of honour's initial on. We also personalised sweet boxes and paper napkin rings for this particular celebration. Not only do they look stylish, they're the perfect way to make a party your own.

You might also be keen to use your child's name on some of the party products, whether it's chocolate wrappers, a back drop or the food boxes. We had these bespoke milk boxes made with the birthday girl and boy's names on. It's small touches like this, that really make a party unique. And when the guests found they were full of yummy sweets, they loved them too.

For this particular party, we didn't stop there, we also had bespoke food boxes made for our tiny guests to eat from. We think you'll agree they look gorgeous. And it's exciting for the birthday girl or boy to see their name on lots of the party products, as well as being a great keepsake to show them when they're older. 
Personalised and packed with yummy sweets
French fries anyone?

Want to personalise a party for your little ones? Let us show you what we can do.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Fantastic themes: Footie fever

Table for 11?
The World Cup has come to an end, and for many of us, it's time to recover the remote control from the firm grip of our husbands! Sadly for England, football was coming home sooner than they could say 'World Cup'. 

But football isn't forgotten about that easily and no doubt your sons and maybe even your daughters are already training for their next season on the pitch. And before we know it, the Premier League will be dominating our television screens again! 

But even if you're not a huge football fan, a football party is a great idea for a children's birthday party. A football party really offers a chance to personalise a party, choosing your child's favourite team's colours, whether it's West Ham or West Brom. 

At the party, kids can tire themselves out with games of football which also gives children a chance to get to know each other, while parents can mingle on the sidelines.

And when it comes to food and drink, you can bring the pitch indoors! Team colours can be reflected with the choice of balloons and tablecloths, right down to the straws. Food can even be served in football themed boxes and what football-themed party would be complete without these cake pops...

Who can resist a football-shaped cake pop?

If you've got football fever and would like a football party, contact our party planners here. 

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Party ideas: On yer bike!

There was plenty of excitement in the Les Enfants office this week as the Tour De France raced past just minutes from our office.

Crowds gathered with banners to welcome the cyclists who had made it to stage three of the famous race.
The atmosphere was electric and reminiscent of the Olympic atmosphere back in 2012. 

But even though we were busy trying to catch a glimpse of the peleton, we were of course still thinking about parties!

Sport can be a great basis for a party, and if you're having trouble thinking of a theme, you can always rely on sport whether it's football, swimming or indeed cycling. With BMX's well and truly back in fashion, and cycling a past time that never gets dull, a cycling party could be the perfect thing for your little ones. 

If not all your guests have a bike, you can rent them across the country and many companies also have all-weather routes for your party to road-test. 

If you're based in a city and worried about the logistics, you can always organise a coach to take you to a more leafy destination to get the most out of your cycle. It's all part of the fun and makes a great day out, that will of course tire your kids out too!

Just don't forget your helmets! 

We'll race you to the party

Want to organise a cycling party for your kids? Get in touch here and we'll do it all for you! 

Friday, 4 July 2014

Fantastic themes: Red, white and blue

Happy Independence Day 

It's July 4th which means our friends across the pond will be celebrating Independence Day today. Traditionally, in the US, Independence Day is marked by fireworks, parades, BBQs and a general carnival atmosphere. You've got to hand it to those guys, they sure know how to party.

It got us thinking about themes for our own parties this side of the Atlantic. Whilst you might not be hosting your own Independence Day party, an American theme can look great for any kind of celebration.

You could choose to have a general American theme, with flags, cupcakes and balloons to really set off the red, white and blue colour scheme. Or perhaps you'd like to add some American traditions to your stars and stripes style party? 
Girls could have a cheer-leading party complete with pom-poms, and activities can include making up a cheer especially for the birthday girl. 
Boys meanwhile could have a an American football themed party, learning how to play the game, while dressed in all the gear, of course. 

When we started thinking about hosting an all-American party, out mouths were watering when we thought about what food we could eat. No American-themed party would be complete without burgers and chips, or should we say 'fries'... If you don't fancy burgers you could try hot dogs or chicken wings to keep to the theme.

For dessert you could have smores, where traditionally, marshmallows are sandwiched between chocolate biscuits and roasted on a fire, to create a gooey, sticky, tasty treat. An American delicacy, or so we hear. And to wash it all down? We suggest cream soda and root beer, naturally. 

Don't forget to put Miley Cyrus, 'Party in the USA' and One Direction's 'Kids in America' on the speakers to set the mood.

Happy Independence Day everybody! 

Fancy throwing an American themed party? Or got your own idea for your child's party? Contact our party planners here. 

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

My Perfect Party: A passion for pink

Elaborate or elegant, low-key or loud, each month, we ask one of our blog readers to tell us what their perfect party would involve. This month Georgina Childs, one of our event assistants, from London tells us about her dream party...

Where would you host your perfect party? 
My perfect party would be a garden party, with a pink theme throughout. I'd have it one Saturday evening in July to welcome the beginning of summer. A 'Summer Fling' if you like. I'd have to pray for good weather though!

Who is the party for? 
I’d like to invite my friends and my family, my neighbours and their children, the more the merrier. 

You can invite one celebrity. Who would you invite and why? 
Beyonce of course! I’d let her have some fun first, then I’d want her to perform. 

What theme would you choose? 
My favourite colour is pink, so that's why I'd choose a pink theme. And all the guests would have to wear one pink item too, and the boys wouldn't be allowed to get out of it! 

What features will your party have? 
A photo booth with lots of silly props, so people can take home a photo and remember all the fun they had. I'd also love a pink sweetie table, with cake pops, sherbet and jelly beans in all different shades of pink. I'd quite like a pink bouncy castle as well. I'm not sure all this would fit in my garden...
Les Enfants recommend pink sweets for the sweetie table
What food would you serve?
Because the party would be quite informal, and in the evening, I’d have picky food like mini portions of chips, mini burgers and hot dogs and plenty of pink cupcakes for afterwards.  

And what would you like to drink? 

Homemade pink lemonade would suit the theme. Followed by pink champagne and pink cocktails for the adults. 

What top three songs would be on your party playlist? 
My three favourite party songs; One Direction, Best Song Ever. Katy Perry, Birthday and Vance Joy, Riptide. 

What would you put in your party bags? 
I’d send my girly guests home with pink nail varnishes and lipsticks and for the boys, a pair of pink socks! 

What would you wear to your party? 
Pink of course! I’d wear a pale pink dress and sandals so I could dance all night whilst Beyonce was performing. 
Georgina would love a pink party

Fancy throwing your own perfect party?
Drop us a line here. 

Monday, 14 April 2014

New Party Styling Shop - Coming Soon

Hi Everyone

I just want to share my excitement with you all, yes I am excited, not just a little bit excited, a great big, mahoosive excitement.  Why ?  Well every day new boxes of loveliness are arriving and with each box opened the excitement increases.  A box, not so exciting you think but these boxes contain the stock for our new online shop!

This is stock I have personally hand picked, items from France, America, Australia and China as well as some beautiful handmade items from ourselves and other talented UK producers.

It is an online shop with a difference, everything is dedicated to making your parties stylish and personal.  For the first time you will be able to directly purchase our handmade party products too.
We also have a special section for unique, one off items and items with limited stock.

So what are we doing now, we are busy uploading product to the site and I am still buying, any excuse, in fact I can't help myself, I am addicted to gorgeousness.

You can expect, balloons, tassel garlands, paper decorations, treat bags, cake stands, table cloths, tags, invitations, personalised printables, milk bottles and straws and lots more.

Hoping to launch in May !  Watch this space.  Love Katie xxx

Friday, 11 April 2014

Download our free Easter printables

Just because we love chocolate and Easter so much we have decided to share our range of printables from our recent shoot, free for you to download and enjoy.

Thank you Karen for spending your Friday night on this!

Happy Easter love Les Enfants x

Download signs here

Download sweet wrappers here

Download other printables here

Easter Eggcitement!

Afternoon everyone,

Today we are looking at some ideas to help you celebrate the holiday which is just around the corner: EASTER! That’s right, lent is nearly over, and if you’re not hosting an Easter party this year or don’t know where to start with creating one, this is the blog post for you.

Holding Easter egg hunts for the children has become more and more popular and with this Spring weather we are having, there is no excuse.

When it comes to activities to keep those little ones (and big ones!) busy, there are so many ideas. I've recently seen egg stencils, which is a great idea for young children who can decorate their own egg at any age! Also, how about homemade balloons with treats inside, they look just like eggs. Take a balloon and fill it with the prize of your choice (softer presents work well here in order to avoid puncturing the balloon), then blow the balloon up and tie it shut. Now, take some yarn in the colour of your choice and wrap it around the balloon to create a little net for when the balloon is popped. You can then hang these balloons from trees and such the like and get the children popping! The prize will fall into the yarn and the children will be very excited.  It is that easy!

Here's an example from

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Happy Easter

We hope you are enjoying the school break and this lovely weather which makes it perfect to hold your very own Easter party and egg hunt, later in the week we will be posting some Easter party ideas but in the mean time.



Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Cakes - When less really is more

Cakes, we love them, we love to look at them and we love to eat them!  When you think of a cake for a child's birthday party you tend to think of cakes covered in characters.  However, there is an alternative.  There are some very talented cake designers who take the less is more approach and produce the most simple but stunning cakes.

At Les Enfants we love these cakes and hope that more clients go this route.  The less commercial themes are so much fun to work on and the cake can really reflect the style of the party.  Below we have selected a few of our favourites.

Miffy by Hello Naomi

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Just a straw? No more!

Today we will take a look at one of the finer details, an accessory which is not at the forefront of everyone's mind in the hustle and bustle of putting together your celebration but can be a stylish addition none the less - party straws.

Lots of fun can be had here with a simple straw! Why not jazz it up and emphasize a theme or have a bit of fun and use it as part of the entertainment. We have found several straw inspirations, ranging from summer chic to a fun birthday accessory!

Love this from

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Guest Post - Handmade Invitations

Delighted to hand our blog over to Candice today, one of our stylists as she explains how she made her daughters party invitations.

It has become a tradition in our house that the making of the birthday invitations is a team effort – Its her party after all!  

Admittedly my daughter does have a party-planning mum - but its her enthusiasm about her impending birthday (and child-like abandon with the glitter) that seems to make her birthday invitations really special.

Our past efforts have involved her tea-staining Pirate maps before lightly baked them or making vintage key bracelets for her Alice in Wonderland party invites, so we had to come up with something equally fun.

This year she has chosen a Wizard of Oz party and we thought what better way to invite her friends than from the Wizard of Oz himself on a sparkly scroll! 

Monday, 10 February 2014

A New Take on an Old Favourite - Pass the Parcel

According to my google search "Pass the Parcel" originated from Medieval times, the game traditionally involved a trinket or token such as a ring or piece of chocolate being wrapped up in cloth, finished off with ribbon. There was also the concept of forfeits involved to those who didn't win!

So, how has such a simple game achieved longevity in the now innovative and creative party world? Originality. The concept of this game is basic and accessible for everyone and anyone. Low budget? Yes. Outlandish party theme? Easy.  Extravagance and attention to detail? No problem. The beauty of this game is it's adaptability to any occasion and age.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A Gift - The New Invitation

Over the last year we have been noticing a real trend for different and exciting invitations.  The hand-written, filled-in invite has been replaced by a new breed of personalized, themed and sometimes shaped invitations.

We always see the invitation as a pre-cursor to the party, a taster of what is to come and from our perspective as a party planners, we like to ensure it is as stylish as the party itself.

Recently our clients have been asking for us to push the boundaries of the traditional invitation and we have been creating invitations, which are in themselves small gifts.  Examples include a Wonka bar with a golden ticket, a paint box with the invite inserted into the lid, a book and sweets in a gift bag, a pirate invite in a bottle and cupcakes and themed cookies as well.

We decided to look further into this as a concept and see what other exciting and interesting ideas we could find out there as well as sharing some of our own.

How about adding crayons to an art party invitation
as One Charming Party did here 

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Let's Go Lego!

Today we’re taking a journey into the land of endless colourful opportunity… LEGO!!! What I love about this theme is you can apply it to any gender! The endless options of colours and Lego characters available allows for a completely bespoke party theme.

The timeless, instantly recognisable blocks have built countless forts, pony stables and castles and what better way to celebrate with a theme exuding fun and creativity.

Here’s a brilliant idea to entertain the children; LEGO DRESS UP! From the hair to the outfits or even yellow face paint, a Lego Dress-Up Station filled with colourful plain t-shirts and black shorts provides the perfect activity to get the children involved in the theme, bringing it to life.

Lego Sweetie bags are a brilliant idea. Again, the contents can be altered and the bag can be customised with names and images! If you want to get really inventive, the bags could be tied up with coloured ribbon holding pieces of different Lego as weights. The balloons could be also weighted with Lego shaped blocks… I could go on and on. The below sweetie bags by Les Enfants are adorable and unisex with little chocolate Lego men and theme coloured jelly beans!

Monday, 13 January 2014

Smash Cake Chaos

Good Morning
I must start this post with an opening statement - why weren’t Smash Cakes around when I was a child? It’s just not fair!

For those who don’t know; a smash cake is an individual cake presented to a child traditionally on their 1st birthday. The aim of the game? For the baby to completely enjoy their smash cake with no regard for the amount of mess they may create.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Party in style - tea for two

Happy New Year, hope you all had a great Christmas.
I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you the promotional photo shoot we styled at the end of last year with the talented Danielle Owen.
It was a sunny Autumnal day when we headed deep into Epping Forest with our chaise longue and various other props.
Apart from a few comedy moments of a team of females lugging the furniture, the whole shoot went perfectly and our little models were gorgeous.
We hope you see how these photos embody our ethos - no matter how small or large your party is - always party in style.
Tea for Two
A special gift